49 Writers Active Voice Podcast

Kathryn H. Ross, Writer, Author of "Black Was Not a Label"

Episode Summary

Kathryn H. Ross on her journey confronting racism as a young, black woman after a relatively discrimination-free childhood, and her debut essay and poetry collection, Black Was Not A Label, "a heart song of who I am, what I’ve gone through and my hope for the future."

Episode Notes

Writers and artists discuss their work in these challenging, changing times with host and producer Katie Bausler on the 49 Writers Active Voice podcast. Episode 15 guest Kathryn H. Ross is the  author of Black Was Not A Label, a memoir collection of essays and poetry chronicling her life from early childhood to her mid-20s. Themes include racism, identity, faith and their impact on Black Americans. Learn more about Kathryn and her writing on her website, speakthewritelanguage.com. Please subscribe and follow the Active Voice podcast on Apple, Spotify and 49writers.org. Music by Liz Snyder and Alex Kotlarz.