49 Writers Active Voice Podcast

Jackie Venson, Songwriter and Guitar Ripper

Episode Summary

Thanks to Jackie Venson for being our first guest singer song writer on the 49 Writers Active Voice podcast, an audio forum on the role of writers in these challenging times for artists and truth tellers. Learn more about Jackie Venson and hear her music at jackievenson.com. Listen and subscribe to the Active Voice podcast on Apple, Spotify, Simplecast or 49writers.org.

Episode Notes

Tired of division, strife and the feeling that half the country just doesn’t get it? Want more joy in your life? In the world? Then you might like to meet our first guest songwriter, Jackie Venson. Host Katie Bausler caught up with the Austin based guitarist and vocalist on her latest visit to Southeast Alaska. The  conversation began with how her manager came up with the title of Jackie's latest album, JOY, released in 2019.