Active Voice: Writers Respond

Erin Heist, Singer-Songwriter, "Another Rainy Day"

Episode Summary

"Last year felt like we were all going through a bunch of rainy days," Erin Heist told Active Voice host Katie Bausler. When the pandemic shut down life as we know it, this Alaskan singer-songwriter had a ready outlet, a songwriting project complete with an online writing group and deadlines. The result is her debut recording, Another Rainy Day, a collection of songs of "grit, loss, and redemption," recorded, mixed and produced with her cousin, producer and DJ Patrick Troll.

Episode Notes

Thanks to writer and musician Erin Heist for sharing her creative journey on the 49 Writers Active Voice podcast, an audio forum on the role of writers and artists in these challenging times. Learn more about Erin and where to hear her EP, Another Rainy Day at erinheist.comĀ